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Attention: Defendants and Attorneys representing Defendants

San Patricio County Court at Law's revised operating procedures:


Attorneys must confer with the State before the day of the Announcement hearing.  There will be no time to accommodate settlement negotiations which have customarily occurred after docket call in the past.  The new procedures will be that attorneys will be expected to go forward on the merits of their cases as soon as the Court is ready to proceed.  Announcements of “conferring” will not be allowed.


With only a few exceptions, the announcement court dates will be the last date your client can enter into a plea agreement with the State of Texas. The Court will not be regularly accepting plea agreements on trial dates.  If your client has decided to enter a change of plea and enter into a plea bargain agreement with the State, then make sure you have obtained your plea paperwork from the County Attorney’s Office prior to your court date or print the plea paperwork from the Court's website and e-filed such with the clerk at least 24 hours before your hearing.

All attorneys will be required to file a proposed jury charge for your case on the announcement hearing date, unless your client is entering into a plea agreement with the State.

Attorney forms: (Forms are not required, only available for your assistance)

  • Jury Seating Chart
  • Election as to Punishment
  • Application for Community Supervision