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Attention: Defendants and Attorneys representing Defendants

San Patricio County Court at Law's revised operating procedures:

 Attorneys and Defendants represented by an Attorney

Please be advised all Criminal Pre-Trial hearings in San Patricio County Court at Law will be conducted in-person at the San Patricio County Courthouse.  Attorneys must confer with the State before the day of the Pre-Trial hearing.  There will be no time to accommodate settlement negotiations which have customarily occurred after docket call in the past.  The new procedures will be that attorneys will be expected to go forward on the merits of their cases as soon as the Court is ready to proceed.  Announcements of “conferring” will not be allowed.

Attorneys must either obtain a copy of any plea paperwork from the County Attorney’s Office or print the plea paperwork form the Court's website prior to their court date and review such with their client.  For cases set for pre-trial, the announcement of “pass to announcement” will no longer be acceptable.  Attorneys must be prepared to give an accurate summary of the status of their case and a concise statement as to the relief requested.  At the time of the Pre-Trial hearing, the Court will inquire as to the following:

- Have you requested and received discovery in regards to case;

- Have you filed any evidentiary motions that require a hearing; and

- If you are not pleading the case on the day of your scheduled Pre-Trial, what are you requesting the matter be set for, and set for: Subsequent Pre-Trial, Bench Trial, Jury Trial, or a Plea Date. 

If you are unable to make the scheduled court date, please fill out and e-file 72 hours prior to your court date the attached form Pre-Trial Announcement in Lieu of Appearance.  If you fail to submit such form, then both you and your client’s appearance will be required, and failure to appear will result in a warrant being issued for your client’s arrest.

Attorney forms: (Forms are not required, only available for your assistance)

  • Waiver in Lieu of Appearance
  • Notice of Pending Felony

    Pro se Defendants – those representing themselves before the court

    If you decided to enter a change of plea and enter into a plea bargain agreement with the State, then you must meet with the County Attorney’s Office and obtain your plea paperwork from them prior to your court date.  You will need to sign and return your paperwork to them at least 24 hours before your scheduled court date.

    If you are going to be assessed a fine and court cost as part of your agreement, be prepared that you will need to contact the County Clerk’s Office or Collections Department to get your fee schedule and/or payment arrangements made to pay out your fine and court cost. If you will be serving jail time as a result of your agreement, then be prepared to report to the San Patricio County Jail at a time and date as agreed upon. If you will be placed on probation, then be prepared to report to the San Patricio County Probation Department to get your terms and conditions of your probation established.

    Pro Se Defendants Information/forms:

  • Waiver of Attorney
  • Letter from the County Attorney
  • How to Request a Court Appointed Attorney
  • Arraignment Advisory Information


San Patricio County Clerk’s Office:

Phone No: 361-364-9350

San Patricio County Probation Department:

Phone No: 361-364-4243

San Patricio County Collections Department:

Phone No: 361-364-9360

San Patricio County Pre-Trial Service Office:

Phone No: 361-364-4243